South Carolina State Law requires the excavator, when planning any activity that results in the movement or removal of earth, rock or other materials in or on the ground, to contact South Carolina 811 and any non member company with adequate information regarding the excavation.

At least 3 full working day notice at 11:59pm (not including the day of the call) prior to digging, call SC811 by dialing 811 or (888) 721-7877. A SC811 representative will record the location of the digging site and notify member companies of your intent to dig. Each member company will then send either one of their employees or a contract locator to your dig site to mark the location of their underground facility lines.

Once the lines have been marked, you may begin carefully to dig, keeping in mind the 2 feet allowance on either side of the markings. ((a) if the diameter of the facility is known, the distance of one-half of the known diameter plus twenty-four inches on either side of the designated center line; (b) if the diameter of the facility is not marked, twenty-four inches on either side of the outside-edge of the mark indicating a facility; or (c) for subaqueous facilities, a clearance of fifteen feet on either side of the indicated facility). Not all utilities are members with SC811. If a utility is not named, please contact them directly.

Remember: call 811, wait the required time, respect the marks and dig with care!