South Carolina State Law

On June 7, 2011, the Governor signed into law the South Carolina Underground Facility Damage Prevention Act. This act became effective on June 7, 2012.

PDF 2012 South Carolina Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act
PDFState Law Overview

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The South Carolina STATE LAW requires that excavators give a 3 full working days notice (not including the day of the call) excluding weekends and holidays, for the locators to get out to mark the area. After a notice has been processed, you will know when you are legally free to proceed with the digging work and which utilities in the area SC811 will be notifying for you.

Any utilities that SC811 does not notify, you will be responsible for notifying directly. The Utility Companies ask that you leave a 2 feet margin on each side of a marked utility line ((a) if the diameter of the facility is known, the distance of one-half of the known diameter plus twenty-four inches on either side of the designated center line; (b) if the diameter of the facility is not marked, twenty-four inches on either side of the outside-edge of the mark indicating a facility; or (c) for subaqueous facilities, a clearance of fifteen feet on either side of the indicated facility). Also note that your request is good for 15 working days after it has been processed by our system.