South Carolina State Law requires any activity that results in the movement or removal of earth, rock or other materials in or on the ground requires the excavator to contact the Utility Company or One Call Center with adequate information regarding the dig. Each excavator is required to wait 3 full working days at 11:59pm (not including the day of call) before starting the digging work.

A SC811 representative will record the location of the digging site and notify member utility companies of the intent to dig. Utility companies will then send out a professional locator to your digging site to mark the approximate location of utility lines. Once your lines have been marked, you may begin to carefully excavate around the marked lines.

Remember: call 811, wait the required time, respect the marks and dig with care!

Upcoming Changes:
The below PDF document explains some changes we are inplementing with our buffer on the point and line tool.

PDFBuffer Change 2014